The first full trailer for the standalone Venom movie dropped this week and the reactions have been everything from “damn I want to fuck that symbiote” to ” why the hell does he look so goofy?” More people are falling in the latter category but the majority of viewers are made up of those who likely do not have any visual reference point for the venom character. With 42 million trailer views on Youtube, the trailer sits with 1.1 million likes and 38k dislikes. Thirty eight thousand people noticed that Jenny Slate pronounced symbiote wrong and Venom looks pretty bad! Well, being how many news outlets are publishing the negative fan reactions and writing their own opinions on how this will be a disappointment, there is way more than 38k people that are at a minimum hesitant. Especially Marvel Comic fans from the 90s, when Venom was one of the most popular villains and storylines to follow.

This movie has been in some form of production since 2008 when Tobey was still wearing the red tights. He even became Venom in Spider Man 3 for a short time before it took control of Eddie Brock (played by Topher Grace), and ultimately became the true villain of the movie. However development hell was the fate of Venom as writers, directors, and actors all rotated like the Symbiote itself jumping from host to host. Despite the hardships it faced, Venom has been made and we have a sort of full look at the Tom Hardy version. Let us compare


Here is the 1st appearance of Venom 

Venom was first drawn by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. Mcfarlane must have really liked the idea of “suits” that had liquidous properties and occasionally acted on their own accord. The comparisons between Spawn and Venom are many.

Other Comic Versions 

Big tongue and rows of somehow perfectly white teeth. Sometimes the artist will draw the eyes as defined white rhombus like shapes and others will portray them as rough and jagged, sometimes even moving like ink in water. Looks reptilian,


not sure what is happening here… but I like it


 Ok so you get the picture right?

So let us now review the Tom Hardy Venom reveal in stages. First a GIF of the transformation


Ok not too bad. Got the teeth and tongue right….

Wait… why does Tommy just stare blankly at the man Venom is about to presumably eat? Has he made peace already with his mind/body takeover and literally eating other humans? Seriously look at his eyes….


So we know that the Venom symbiote functions like liquid. It can morph and contort into what shape it needs to be. So no matter how hard it my try, it will undoubtedly make some goofy ass looking face at least once a day.

“Jell-O head lookin ass” – youtube comment

This looks like Venom to me. I can admit that the trailer does have moments that feel more like winces of cringe rather than chills of excitement but sometimes that can be deceiving. I do think that a decent Venom movie can be made and who knows maybe this could be it. I just know that I do not want to fuck it…