Far Cry 5 is a massive game with a map that elicits audible “wows” when it is fully revealed. While it can seem overwhelming and the immediate goals may seem unclear, the fun is always within shovel swinging reach.

Freedom Is Your Friend

After you complete the 30 minute intro and tutorial, the map opens up and you are free to explore. The map is sectioned into three territories, each controlled by a member of the Seed family. The goal is to sow chaos and destruction into each section, enough so that you draw out the leader. The strategy and order of how you complete this is your decision. No guide or walkthrough, including this, should create that path for you. Start by simply walking around the forests and roads of Hope county. Stop occasionally and really look at the trees, vistas, fauna, skybox etc. Of course there will be rabid animal life and brainwashed crazies with guns throughout, but that is par for the course. As you explore, you will stumble upon quest givers and random encounters that will progress your experience. So remember, not knowing where to go is not an issue but an invitation for exploration!


Stealth/Guns Blazing

The Far Cry series has always pushed a mentality of thoughtfulness before each potential firefight or enemy encounter. While this may equate to stealth for some, it can also mean planning the best opening salvo possible it what turns into a fast paced and bloody bullet hell. Either stratagem is encouraged and there is no punishment for doing one over the other. What you may experience however is that a stealthy approach may function better than an all out attack for certain outposts or enemy encounters and vice versa. Experimentation is the word of the day. Seriously, you will be doing a disservice to the game and yourself if you don’t try both ways. Also, do not be frustrated if the plan you had fails and the guards are alerted or you accidentally blew your remote explosive too early. It will likely result in something you did not expect.


Get Vertical 

Skill trees in video games can be frustrating because often the best perks are unlocked deep into the game. Obviously they function in this way to make sure that the game remains balanced throughout. With Far Cry, the perks you unlock are by no means game breaking or overpowered and you can unlock most of them right from the beginning. This is provided you have gained enough perk points, but in the few hours I have played, they unlock quickly. The two perks you should consider right from the get go are the parachute and the wingsuit. The parachute is absolutely imperative as you will begin to stumble upon planes very early in the game. Nothing worse than jumping out of your grifted plane with no parachute. Wingsuits make their return to the series after being introduced in Far Cry 3 and are better than ever. I mean what can be better than getting a height advantage on a group of enemies and then wing suiting down like a GoPro demon?


The Buddy System 

If you are not aware, the entire Far Cry 5 saga can be played together in Co Op. For me this is where the soul of the series really shines. Moment to moment, this game can be very chaotic and knowing that there is someone else with you watching your back and taking part in the madness, adds some balance. One thing to remember is that you will without a doubt break the game on a number of occasions. For example, my partner and I were traveling around in a captured enemy box truck, myself in the back and him driving. The rear door to the truck can be opened and closed using a switch located on the inside and outside of the truck. While we were “fine” driving around with the rear door and me being tossed around, trying to shoot the enemies chasing us, that all changed when I decided to close the rear door. I hit the switch and as soon as it closed the truck glitched itself to oblivion in an incredibly hilarious way. We shot into the air and down an embankment, laughing the entire way. Good times.