5. Kirby Star Allies – Mar 16 


This is the little pink demons first adventure on the Switch, and we have learned a ton about it in the last month. With a few recent trailers expanding on what Kirby will be capable of, it is clear that this will be the most powerful version of Kirby yet. The game play of Star Allies is a grab bag of the classic Kirby formula (e.g suck up your enemies, steal their powers, kill more enemies with those powers) mixed with mechanics from previous games (e.g creating combo powers with multiples enemies, creating buddies that follow you from enemies powers). This leads to all kinds of wacky experimentation such as “hmm I wonder what would happen if I mix the ice power with the yo-yo power?” BOOM. ICE YO-YO. You also tag team with your spawned in buddies to unleash huge combo attacks. With 3 buddies following Kirby at a time, you can expect 4 player co op.  It looks as if they took everything that has worked from past Kirby adventures and created a chimera. A perfect kirby game. Trailer below


4. Mario Tennis Aces – tbd



For some reason, Mario sports games just work. Simple, fun, tight, balanced etc. Nintendo has nailed it, especially with the Mario tennis games. Mario Tennis on n64 was a highlight of the system and practically a must own. Here we also get a Story mode which will include some interesting boss battles among other things. We don’t know much about Aces yet but we should be assured that it comes from a rich history of Nintendo balls and courts. Trailer below



3. Untitled Yoshi Game – tbd



As with Kirby, Yoshi is venturing onto the Switch sometime in 2018. During Nintendos show at e3 2017, they showed a bit of what this game will  eventually be. It is a 2d side scrolling platformer, so nothing new there. This is familiar territory for our green dino friend. What is new besides the shiny polish and cardboard-esque design, is the ability to manipulate objects in the background and foreground. This will surely allow for some neat level design and breath some fresh air into the gameplay. It almost feels like this should have been a 3ds game, with all these mechanics but hey, more switch content the better! Trailer below




2. Bayonetta 1+2 – Feb 16




I never got to play Bayonetta 2, having never owned a Wii U. Yes, in case you forgot, Bayonetta 2 was a Wii U EXCLUSIVE. If there was any game that was going to push me that extra step to pickup that now long forgotten console, it was going to be this. Also, just like the Wii U version, it comes with the full first game. This deal is too good to pass on. If you have not played either and you enjoy really bizarre but extremely fulfilling Japanese action games, you are missing out. With gigantic boss battles and a fluid combat system, Bayonetta does not disappoint. Trailer below



1. Untitled Pokemon Game 


Ok so there has been no 100% confirmation on what this game will be, just a lot of speculation. We do know that it will at least follow the formula of the standard Pokemon handheld games. Will this be a sequel to Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon? Will this be Pokemon “Stars”? Will this be an entirely new adventure with new Pokemon? Only time will tell us. You should expect to see a full announcement at e3 in June or perhaps even earlier in a Nintendo Direct. All we know for a fact is that we are super excited!